Thank you for wanting to help people in Stuhr getting through these hard times!
Please fill in the form below if you would like to offer active help. We will match you with a person in need according to the area where you live and to which services you can/ want to provide. Before you sign up, please read the following points carefully:

* Remember that your own health comes first! As soon as we match you with another person, we will provide you with additional information on how to keep as safe as possible, for example when handing over groceries or medicines, but also with other general information.

* Any service from this site is a volunteer service and totally free of any cost/ remuneration for both sides!

* We don’t know yet how things will develop. We may find a match for you very quickly, but it may take days or even months. Should you yourself get infected with the corona virus in the meantime or should you need to be quarantined for other reasons, or should you no longer want to offer your help, please let us know through in order for us to take you off our list. Should you want to support our backup office, please contact Please note that our working language is German.

* As with most things: please be patient, we are doing our best to suit everyone!

And now let’s start with the good work!

Corona help team in Stuhr

Your data will not be published, will only be used internally to coordinate the volunteers and will only be passed on to third parties with your express consent. As soon as the initiative is no longer required, the data will be irrevocably deleted. Furthermore, there is always the possibility to revoke the registration as a volunteer and to have your own information deleted. Please write us an email to with the subject “Deletion of my data”.